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Third World Urban Forum (WUF3)
19-23 June 2006 | Vancouver, Canada
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20 June
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(Monday, 26 June 2006)

Highlights for Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Participants at the third session of the World Urban Forum (WUF3) convened in the morning plenary, followed by four dialogues and special sessions on: achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on slum upgrading and affordable housing; public engagement; assets-based development of urbanizing regions; and a trialogue on water, sanitation and human settlements. Forty concurrent networking events were held in the afternoon, offering an opportunity to share experiences on various aspects of sustainable urban development. More information.

Plenary session
Margaret Catley-Carlson, Global Water Partnership, chaired the plenary session on social inclusion and cohesion
Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Lindiwe Sisulu, South Africa's Minister of Housing
Jockin Arputham, National Slum Dwellers Federation of India
Jockin Arputham, National Slum Dwellers Federation of India, shakes hands with Lindiwe Sisulu, South Africa's Minister of Housing
Dialogue 1: Achieving the MDGs: Slum Upgrading and Affordable Housing
Noli de Castro, Vice-President of the Philippines
Luz Maria Sanchez Hurtado, Director of NGO Estrategia
Miloon Kothari, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing
Jockin Arputham, National Slum Dwellers Federation of India
Dialogue 2: Public engagement: The inclusive approach
Akin Mabogunje, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria
Marcello Balbo, University of Venice
Kay Andrews, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, UK
Mary Balikungery, Rwanda Women’s Network
Special session 1: The Wealth of Cities: Towards an Assets-Based Development and Urbanizing Regions
John Friedmann, Honorary Professor, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning, Canada, presented the inaugural UN-HABITAT lecture
Richard Stren, Chair, Global Research Network on Human Settlements, moderated the panel discussion during the special session on assets-based urban development
Participants at the session
Peter Ngau, University of Nairobi
Trialogue on Water, Sanitation and Human Settlements
Margaret Catley-Carlson, moderator, Global Water Partnership
On governance, Selja, Malik Gaye (left), ENDA Tiers Monde, and Albert Wright (right), UN Millennium Task Force on Water and Sanitation, called for local community involvement to ensure equity and access to water and sanitation
L-R: Prabha Khosla, André Juneau, and Albert Wright
L-R: Margaret Catley-Carlson, Arcot Ramachadran, Anne Stenhammer, and Ajay Makken
Networking event: Planning successful sustainable cities: case study of Vancouver, Canada
Networking event: How to integrate Environmental Aspects in City Long-term Strategic Planning
Kilaparti Ramakrishna, UNEP
Monika Zimmermann, ICLEI
Osman Asmal, Director of the Environmental Resources Management Department, Cape Town, South Africa
Innovative ways to resolve conflict among users of water and sanitation services in poor urban areas
Panelists listen to Bekithemba Gumbo, Waternet, present Zimbabwe's Pungwe Water Supply Scheme
Local public finances and Decentralization
Fayol Tall, Former Director of Le Crédit Municipal de Dakar, Senegal, reflected on fiscal inclusion and equality of financial services with regard to microfinance
Localizing the MDGs: Building compentecies in African Local Governments to Mainstream Gender and Empower Women
L-R: Beatrice Boateng, National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana, and Fatoumata Doumbia Konté, Association of Municipalities of Mali, discussed localizing the Millennium Development Goals, focusing on building competencies in Africa local governments to mainstream gender and empower women
Participants of the network session on localizing the Millennium Development Goals discussed the African Local Governance Program's draft guide to Local Government Authorities on gender equality
Developing a template: Parnership Models for Big Cities
Fran Klodawsky, co-moderated network session on developing a template on partnership models for big cities
L-R: Translator and Magdalena Garcia Hernandez, Millennium Feminist Network of Mexico
Climate Change and Cities in the South: Redcing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reducing Urban Risk in a Warming World
Victor Orindi, African Centre for Technology Studies of Kenya. brought attention to the risks associated with the depletion of freshwater aquifers in the Mombassa coastal region
Audience at the network session on climate change and cities in the South
L-R: Khady Diagne, African Risk Analysis Network, presented the case of Saint Louis, Senegal; and David Satterthwaite, International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) introduced three case studies that highlighted the impacts of climate change in cities in developing countries
L-R: Saleemul Huq, International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED); and Mozaharul Alam, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
Integrating Global Concerns into Urban Management in Asia
Michie Kishigami, Local Governments for Local Sustainability
Banasopit Mekvichai, Deputy Governor, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Xuemei Bai, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, moderated the networking event on integrating global concerns into urban management in Asia
Jeremy Harris, former Mayor of Honolulu, delivered the keynote speech on the role of cities in meeting the challenge of sustainability
Manraj Guliani, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Around the meeting
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