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Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) Industry Joint Seminar
“Successful Cases of Technology Transfer in Asian Countries”

March 2007
Summary report
11 March 2007

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) Industry Joint Seminar on Successful Cases of Technology Transfer in Asian Countries took place from 7-8 March 2007, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi, India.

Organized by the CTI in cooperation with The Energy Resources Institute (TERI), India, and supported by the International Centre for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT), Japan, the seminar was attended by 120 participants from seven Asian countries. The seminar provided an opportunity for government representatives, policymakers, and experts from industry, financial institutions and academia to review best practices for technology transfer in the Asian region, with particular focus on case studies on biomass power generation and facilitation of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). The objectives of the seminar were to encourage transfer of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies and knowledge by introducing technology options that are yet to be widely diffused, and enhancing understanding of key elements of successful technology transfer practices and technology options that are effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The seminar also sought to strengthen regional linkages and partnerships among the participants to foster future technology transfer projects.

During the day-and-a-half long meeting, participants heard case study presentations organized in three thematic sessions, followed by comments and suggestions from country representatives. There was also one panel discussion. On Wednesday, 7 March, two of the thematic sessions were held: one on biomass fuel and another on biomass power generation. On Thursday, one thematic session took place, on facilitation of ESCOs. This was followed by a panel discussion on cooperation among key sectors for technology transfer.

This report provides a brief history of the climate change process, technology transfer and the CTI Industry Joint Seminar series, followed by a summary of this CTI Industry Joint Seminar on Successful Cases of Technology Transfer in Asian Countries. More information

Panelists discussing Biomass Fuel.
Ajay Mathur, Ministry of Power, India, delivering the Keynote Address.
Panelists discussing Biomass Power Generation.
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