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February 2005

CTI Industry Joint Seminar on Technology Diffusion in Asian Countries

24-25 February 2005 | Beijing, China

   IISD's SUMMARY REPORT is available online in the following formats:   

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) Industry Joint Seminar on Technology Diffusion of Energy Efficiency in Asian Countries took place from 24-25 February 2005 at the Jianguo Garden Hotel, Beijing, China. Organized by CTI in cooperation with the Government of China and Tsinghua University, the seminar was attended by approximately 150 participants.

The seminar provided an opportunity for experts, policymakers, technology transfer specialists, private sector companies and financial institutions to address technical and policy options for energy efficiency in the transport, residential and industrial sectors. The objective of the seminar was to increase the awareness of participants from Asian countries, promote discussion on possible climate-friendly technology transfer activities, including through the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and foster networking among participants. The seminar also aimed to provide insight into:

  • best practices for the deployment of energy efficiency technology and practices today and in the future;

  • policies that promote the accelerated introduction of the best energy efficiency technologies and practices;

  • major barriers to the diffusion of energy efficient technologies in Asian countries, and suggestions on how to overcome these barriers;

  • ways to mobilize the CDM for energy efficiency; and

  • regional information, technology and training needs.

During the two-day meeting, participants heard 27 presentations and participated in five open-floor discussions addressing a range of energy efficiency issues. On Thursday, 24 February, three sessions were held to set the context of the seminar, provide government perspectives on policies and energy efficient technologies, and address energy efficiency in the residential and transportation sectors. On Friday, 25 February, participants convened in two sessions to discuss energy efficiency in the industrial sector and financing for, and barriers to, energy efficiency projects. (More).

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