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International Conference on Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management (CICI)

3-7 February 2003, Guatemala City, Guatemala


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Highlights from Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Working Group I continued discussion on strengthening the elaboration and application of C&I for SFM and presented its conclusions and recommendations to Plenary. Working Group II continued developing a set of recommendations on how to promote political commitment for the use of C&I as tools for SFM and presented its preliminary conclusions and recommendations to Plenary.

Right photo (R-L): Plenary President, Juan Carlos Mendez with Christina Amoako-Nuama, Working Group I Chair.


Working Groups:
Working Group I:

Working Group I continued discussions on strengthening the elaboration and application of C&I for SFM, concentrating on the following themes: national-level work and applications; the relationship between national and subnational-level C&I; linkages with certification; linkages with monitoring, assessment and reporting; review and refinement of indicators; and the importance of National Forest Inventories.
Left photo: Rapporteur Eva Mueller (ITTO) and Chair Christina Amoako-Nuama (Ghana)

An Indian participant noted that state governments are having difficulty with data collection and monitoring and with the investment required for C&I implementation. Left photo: Delegates from India during the afternoon plenary session

On linkages with certification, a participant from Ecuador commented on socioeconomic realities in his country. He said the majority of forest owners in Ecuador have limited capacities, and therefore are unable to meet the high standards necessary for certification.

A participant from Trinidad and Tobago said certification provides a financial incentive for countries to implement C&I.

Ghana stressed the need to mainstream C&I into NFIs and NFPs.
Working Group II:

Working Group II continued its discussions with a focus on the following issues: the meaning of political commitment; ways to promote commitment at national, sub-national, regional and international levels; and ways to enhance cooperation between C&I processes and involve countries not yet participating in C&I initiatives. Left photo (L-R): Rapporteur Tiina Vahanen (FAO) and WG II Chair Ingwald Gschwandtl (Austria).

On the nature of political commitment, a participant from the US stressed that meaningful political pressure should come from local communities, and highlighted that public interest and political commitment depend on many dynamic factors, and that C&I should reflect the dynamic changes.

A participant from Finland noted that existing political commitment could provide a basis for working toward an agreement on a common set of criteria and a common understanding of indicators.

ATO representative stressed the need for greater bilateral cooperation to support national processes.

A participant from Uruguay stressed the need for South-South technology transfer, and highlighted Uruguay's cooperation with Argentina, Cuba and Chile to this end.

A participant from Paraguay called for utilizing existing information and structures and cooperation between technical experts, highlighting a relevant FAO information project in the Caribbean and Latin America region.

An UNFF representative suggested that the recommendations and conclusions of CICI 2003 be presented to the UNFF, including through side events at UNFF-4.
Plenary: Working Group presentation of preliminary reports

Participants suggested a number of textual amendments. They also discussed whether conclusions and recommendations of the Conference should address broader issues of sustainability and SFM.

Listen to the Preliminary Reports of Working Group I and II presented by
WG I Chair Christina Amoako-Nuama (Ghana), and WG II Chair Ingwald Gschwandtl (Austria) (left photo)

At the end of the day, participants heard presentations
of background papers by Ravi Prabhu on strengthening institutional capacity and stakeholder partnerships for implementing C&I and facilitating information exchange between all stakeholders, and by Ewald Rametsteiner (left photo) on key issues for the future development of international initiatives on forest-related C&I for sustainable development. These two background papers will serve as the basis for working group discussions on Wednesday, 5 Februrary.


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