Highlights and images for 11 June 2021

The May-June 2021 UN Climate Change Conference continued its virtual discussions to prepare for the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) in Glasgow, Scotland, scheduled for November 2021.

Delegates engaged in informal consultations on reporting and accounting for the Paris Agreement’s Article 6.2 (internationally transferred mitigation outcomes, ITMOs), matters relating to the least developed countries (LDCs), and matters relating to the response measures forum. In addition, a number of events took place throughout the day, including on capacity building and on finance.

Reporting and accounting for the Paris Agreement’s Article 6.2 

Countries debated the link between Article 6.2 (ITMOs) and Article 6.4 (market mechanism). Some developing country groups saw a strong link and argued that the same criteria and responsibilities should apply for cooperative approaches whether under Article 6.2 or 6.4. Developed countries disagreed, saying Article 6.2 is about reporting and review, and the criteria should differ from those applicable under an offset crediting mechanism.

Countries then sought to specify information that should be included in the initial reports under Article 6.2, such as showing that human rights and Indigenous Peoples’ rights were upheld and environmental integrity ensured. There was a debate as to whether parties should be allowed to trade ITMOs that are not measured in greenhouse gas (GHG) metrics. Two developing country groups called for non-GHG ITMOs that would use metrics such as megawatt hours, while many other countries expressed reservations whether these ITMOs would help reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Kim Solberg, the Netherlands

Kim Solberg, the Netherlands, Co-Facilitator for reporting and accounting for Article 6.2 (including GHG and non-GHG metrics) 

Matters relating to the Least Developed Countries

Discussions under this item focused on the extension of the mandate and the functions of the LDC Expert Group (LEG) and were informed by an informal note prepared by the Co-Facilitators. With broad support for extending the LEG’s mandate, delegates discussed a proposal for a ten-year extension, with some underscoring this would provide a long-term vision. Others generally expressed their willingness to engage on this proposal, cautioning on the need to ensure the LEG remains responsive to LDCs’ evolving needs. Several parties proposed conducting a mid-term review and updating the guidance to the LEG on this basis. Several developed countries supported requesting the LEG to make further progress on enhancing transparency, including through the timely publication of meeting documents. Other points related to, among others: work on cross-cutting issues such as gender, social inclusion, and private sector engagement; and additional LDC needs resulting from the Paris Agreement.

Elizabeth Atkinson, Co-Fac LDCs

Elizabeth Atkinson, Canada, Co-Facilitator for matters relating to LDCs 

Matters relating to the response measures forum

In their third meeting of informal consultations under this item, delegates continued to disagree on whether to hold a meeting of the Katowice Committee of Experts on the impacts of the implementation of response measures (KCI) prior to COP 26. Co-Facilitator Andrei Marcu, Papua New Guinea, said this matter would be taken up with the Chairs of the Subsidiary Bodies prior to the fourth and final meeting under this item. There was a consensus that the annual report and recommendations of the KCI should be forwarded to the COP. Delegates reflected on the implementation of the response measures workplan, in particular activities 1 (maximizing positive and minimizing negative impacts of response measures), 3 (tools and methodologies for assessing impacts of the implementation of response measures), and 4 (enhancing capacity on assessment of impacts of the implementation of response measures).

Andrei Marcu, Switzerland, Co-Fac response measures

Andrei Marcu, Papua New Guinea, Co-Facilitator for matters relating to response measures

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