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CITES: Fourteenth Conference of the Parties

3-15 June 2007 | The Hague, the Netherlands

Highlights for Friday, 15 June 2007

CLOSING OF THE MEETING On Friday 15 June, delegates adopted all outstanding agenda items. After adopting the budget, delegates watched a video announcement by Australia's Environment Minister, committing his country to provide approximately US$200,000 to fund two posts in the Secretariat to address illegal timber trade, and announcing a high-level meeting on this issue in late July 2007. Qatar offered to host CoP15 and presented a short video about his country, and delegates adopted the offer by acclamation. The next COP will take place in Doha, Qatar, in 2010.

In conclusion, CoP14 President Verburg expressed satisfaction at the excellent results achieved by the meeting, highlighting the agreement reached on the African elephant and thanking all participants. The meeting was closed at 5:45pm.


  Ghanim Abdulla Mohammed, Qatar.  

5:00pm - After lengthy negotiations and three voting exercises which did not achieve the required 75% majority to approve the budget, delegates adjourned for 10 minutes. Following a proposal by Ireland, they then voted on a 6% nominal increase in the budget and achieved the required majority.

To the right, CoP14 President Gerda Verburg, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Netherlands.

  Miguel García Zamudio, Mexico.   Shuichi Takano, Japan.   Joannes Tandjung, Indonesia.  

  Colman O'Criodain, Ireland.   Miguel Pellerano, Argentina.  


12:57pm - Friday morning plenary was beset by confusion over voting procedures. A proposal by Palau to reopen the issue of a periodic review of fin whales appeared to be narrowly defeated in a vote, but supporters of the proposal then raised a point of order and said a secret ballot should have been held. Following extended discussion, the session was adjourned and a meeting of the CoP14 Bureau was called in an attempt to resolve the matter. 2:15pm - When plenary resumed after Bureau discussions, the validity of the earlier vote was upheld. As a result, plenary agreed that no periodic review of fin whales will take place while the IWC moratorium remains in place.

To the right , Daven Joseph, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

  Evelyn Perez, Palau.       Bjarni Sigtryggsson, Iceland.  


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