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4-8 October 2004, Nairobi, Kenya

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Highlights for Thursday, 7 October 2004

On Thursday, Plenary provided comments on draft documents elaborating the elements of the overarching policy strategy. Participants also briefly discussed elements of a high-level political declaration.

Above photo L-R: Jim Willis (UNEP) in conversation with the SAICM PREPCOM President Viveka Bohn UNEP Chemical's  John Buccini, Patrick Szell and  Matthew Gubb.   


Above photo: Jean-Louis Wallace (Canada), Chair of the drafting group on scope, informed participants that following consultations with the G-77/CHINA, additions were made to the scope of SAICM to avoid duplicating the efforts of other chemical regimes, in particular those of forums dealing with military uses of chemicals.

Above photo: Jamidu Katima (Tanzania), Chair of the contact group on concrete measures, reported that the group had completed its work on including all activities and identifying main actors for concrete measures in the matrix.

High-level declaration:


The SOUTH AFRICAN CHEMICAL WORKERS UNION supported the inclusion of occupational safety. Above photo: Bosole Chidi (South African Chemical Workers Union)

URUGUAY suggested the inclusion of input from regional consultations.
Above photo: Federico Perrazza (Uruguay)

WOMEN IN EUROPE FOR A COMMON FUTURE (WECF) emphasized the need to include women in decision making. Above photo: Inger Schörling (WECF)

EGYPT, for the G-77/CHINA, suggested the inclusion of a commitment to implement the SAICM global plan of action. Above photo L-R: Mootaz Khalil and Tarek Eid El Ruby (Egypt)

Overarching policy strategy:

CROATIA, for CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE and NEWLY INDEPENDENT STATES noted the omission of a reference to countries with economies in transition in a subparagraph on bridging the widening gap between developed and developing countries. Above photo: Ivana Halle (Croatia)

SOUTH AFRICA suggested reference to the implementation of international initiatives and the inclusion of chemical issues in poverty reduction strategies. Above photo: Godfrey Mvuma (South Africa)

IRAN proposed text on an international response mechanism for chemical accidents, and on international cooperation for the remediation of chemicals related accidents, including those resulting from war. 
Above photo: Ali Zohrehvand (Iran)

The RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (RAMS) called for more emphasis on prevention. Above photo L-R: Zoya Zholdakova (RAMS) with Boris Kurlyandskiy (Russian Federation)

BURKINA FASO stressed joint responsibility between governments, manufactures and users for ensuring safe chemicals use. Yacouba Sanou (Burkina Faso)

NEW ZEALAND cautioned against duplication in the three outputs of PrepCom2. Nik Kiddle (New Zealand)

GREENPEACE calling for balance between the responsibilities of developed and developing countries. Above photo L-R: Kevin Stairs and Jason Collins (Greenpeace)

TUNISIA suggested adding carcinogenic substances to the list. 
Above photo: Habib Ghannouchi (Tunisia)

Marco Tulio Cabral (Brazil), referred a proposal from the contact group on financial considerations that the Secretariat prepare a paper on existing and potential financial mechanisms to the President for further consideration by the Plenary.

CANADA introduced new objectives on generating scientific information on chemicals, improved monitoring, and risk management. Above photo: Canadian delegation to SAICM PrepCom2 from left to right:  Jean-Louis Wallace, Linda Webster, John Arseneau, John Mundy, Morley Brownstein and Wanda Hoskins 


This service was prepared in cooperation with the SAICM  Secretariat


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