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4-8 October 2004, Nairobi, Kenya

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Highlights for Wednesday, 6 October 2004

On the third day of PREPCOM2, delegates continued to provide comments on the SAICM overarching policy strategy in Plenary. Participants discussed SAICM objectives with regard to: knowledge and information; governance; and capacity building; and technical cooperation. They also provided comments on financial considerations, principles and approaches, and implementation and taking stock of progress. Meanwhile, the contact group on concrete measures continued its work on the matrix for organizing concrete measures.

Above photo L-R: SAICM PREPCOM President Viveka Bohn with UNEP Chemical's  Matthew Gubb and John Buccini.


Above photo: Jean-Louis Wallace (Canada), chair of the drafting group on scope, presented the results of the group to the Plenary.

Above photo: Jamidu Katima (Tanzania), chair of the contact group on concrete measures, reported on the group's progress in consolidating views in a single document.

AUSTRALIA, supported by the EU and CANADA, proposed including adequate knowledge and understanding of chemicals and their behavior, and information sharing and objectives. 

Above photo: Mark Hyman (Australia) (center) in consultation with delegates from the UK and Canada  

ARGENTINA commented on the importance of fostering exchange of information and experiences, and on the role of the Information Exchange Network on Capacity Building for the Sound Management of Chemicals (INFOCAP). Above photo: Maria Teresa Kralikas (Argentina)

KENYA said more information is needed on industrial chemicals. Above photo L-R: Francis Kilumba and Canute Khamala (Kenya)

The GAMBIA called for the inclusion of information on chemical sources, uses, risks, impacts, alternatives, and the interaction between chemicals. Above photo: Momodou Canteh (The Gambia)

SIERRA LEONE called for poison control centers, and for public health and forensic laboratories. Above photo: Abdul Amara (Sierra Leone)

MADAGASCAR suggested that the heading should be “knowledge, information and communication.”
Above photo: Martine Delonine Rahelimalala (Madagascar)

BURKINA FASO called for the provision of pesticides information to those who are illiterate. Above photo: Bruno Raga Salo (Burkina Faso)

SENEGAL proposed national committees to engage stakeholders in chemicals management. Above photo: Ousmane Sow (Senegal)

CANADA proposed a 2020 target date for national systems for chemicals management and compliance with all legal regimes. Above photo: John Arseneau (Canada)

The EU called for meaningful public participation in regulation and decision-making, stressing the role of women. Above photo: Jan-Karel Kwisthout (The Netherlands on behalf of the EU)

The INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF FREE TRADE UNIONS (ICFTU) called for dialogue with trade unions on governance issues in local enterprises. 
Above photo: Bjørn Erikson (ICFTU)

THAILAND said the key words for governance are transparency, accountability and inclusiveness. Above photo: Pornpit Silkante (Thailand)

MALAYSIA suggested assistance for identifying capacity building needs, appropriate technologies at affordable prices, and training. 
Above photo: Ramatha Letchumanan (Malaysia)

HAITI urged training for illiterate people. Above photo: Jean-Claude Carré (Haiti)

Financial Considerations:

SWITZERLAND proposed the use of public, private, domestic and international funds for the implementation of SAICM. Above photo: Franz Xaver Perrez (Swizerland) (left) in conversation with Henrik Eriksen (Norway)

EGYPT, for G-77/CHINA called for new and additional financial resources, with clearly defined financial mechanisms. Above photo L-R: Mootaz Khalil (Egypt) in a discussion with Bjørn Erikson (ICFTU).

Contact group on concrete measures

Above photo L-R: The dais of the Contact Group on Measures with Craig Boljkovac (UNITAR), Wanda Hoskin, Rapporteur (Canada) Bill Murray (FAO), and  Chair Jamidu Katima (Tanzania) 


Rapporteur Wanda Hoskin (Canada) provided a working document and noted that the concrete measures had been compiled in four tables. 

Chair Jamidu Katima (Tanzania) said that the contact group had concluded its work and will report back to Plenary on Thursday morning.

This service was prepared in cooperation with the SAICM  Secretariat


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