Highlights and images for 1 September 2021



Photo courtesy of Natalia Mroz

Deliberations of the Working Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework reconvened to advance negotiations of post-2020 global biodiversity framework (GBF). Delegates met in two contact groups on reducing threats for biodiversity, and on nature’s contributions to people.

The contact group on reducing threats for biodiversity, co-led by Teona Karchava (Georgia) and Alfred Oteng Yeboah (Ghana), resumed to continue deliberations on targets under this topic.


Teona Karchava (Georgia), Co-Lead of the contact group on reducing threats for biodiversity


Delegates completed discussions on:

  • Target 3 to protect at least 30% of land areas and of sea areas;
  • Target 4 on management actions for enabling the recovery and conservation of species, and reducing human-wildlife conflict; and
  • Target 5 to ensure that the harvesting, trade and use of wild species is sustainable, legal, and safe for human health

The contact group on nature's contributions to people, co-led by Andy Stott (UK) and Gillian Guthrie (Jamaica) met for its first deliberations to tackle seven targets under this item of the GBF, as mandated.


Gillian Guthrie (Jamaica), Co-Lead of the contact group on nature's contributions to people.


Andy Stott (UK), Co-Lead of the contact group on nature's contributions to people


Jillian Campbell, CBD Secretariat

During the session the group covered:

  • Target 9, to ensure benefits for people through sustainable management;
  • Target 10, to ensure all areas under agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry are managed sustainably; and
  • Target 11, to maintain and enhance nature’s contributions to the regulation of air quality, quality and quantity of water, and protection from hazards and extreme events.

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