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Highlights for Friday, 24 February 2006


On Friday, 24 February 2006, the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on liability and redress in the context of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety completed its work by adopting the report. 

Above photo R-L: Co-Chair Nieto opened the closing plenary with Co-Chair Lefeber, Olivier Jalbert (CBD) and Dan  Ogolla (CBD)

Rapporteur Mbengashe introduced the draft report of the meeting, noting that the substantive deliberations are reflected in the addendum.

Above photo: Rapporteur Maria Mbengashe (South Africa)

Malaysia said that the report should indicate that the annex containing the indicative list of criteria for the assessment of the effectiveness of any rules and procedures referred to in Biosafety Protocol Article 27 is non-exhaustive, and that it was finalized after informal consultations and on the basis that it was not negotiated.

Above photo:  Gurdial Singh (Malaysia)

In his concluding remarks, Olivier Jalbert (CBD) congratulated the Working Group for achieving its objectives “with flying colors” and for taking another step towards fully operationalizing the Biosafety Protocol.

Canada emphasized that the meeting had helped to understand different country positions.

Above photo: Anne Daniel (Canada)

Brazil welcomed participants to MOP3 and CBD COP8 in Curitiba.

Above photo: Daniela Goulart (Brazil)

Palau thanked the donors who made it possible for delegates from small island developing states to participate in the meeting. 

Above photo: Jeffrey Beattie (Palau)

Zambia, on behalf of the African Group,  thanked the delegates for the fruitful deliberations.

Above photo:
Dorothy Kangwa Mulenga (Zambia)

Saint Lucia thanked delegates from the Caribbean region for their cooperation. 

Above photo: Terrence Gilliard (Saint Lucia)

Above photo L-R: Co-Chairs Lefeber  and Nieto thanked delegates for their contribution, and noted the good atmosphere and productive results of the meeting. 

Co-Chair Nieto gavelled the meeting to a close at 10:45 am.


Above photo L-R: Amy Laurenson (New Zealand), Anne Daniel (Canada), Kathryn Youel Page (US) and Sarah Wynn-Williams (New Zealand) in informal consultations regarding visitation options relating to the "Biosphere" or "Biodome".

Above photo: Delegates from the Caribbean region.

Above photo: Dawn Myers (Barbados)

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