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5 June & Summary
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8 June
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Third session of the Governing Body of the 
International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources 
for Food and Agriculture
1-5 June 2009 | Tunis, Tunisia

L-R: Shakeel Bhatti, ITPGR Secretary congratulates Chair Modesto Fernández during the closure of the session.

Highlights for Friday and Saturday
5-6 June 2009

Saturday, 1:24 am: Governing Body concludes its work

The third session of the Governing Body to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic for Food and Agriculture (ITPGR) convened from 1-5 June 2009, in Tunis, Tunisia. Following two days of lengthy procedural discussions regarding the establishment of a contact group on the funding strategy and/or compliance, and the agreement to establish both, the Governing Body managed to make good progress and tackle a heavy agenda. Delegates agreed to: a set of resolutions for implementation of the funding strategy, including a target of US$116 million between July 2009 and December 2014; a resolution on implementation of the multilateral system, including setting up an intersessional advisory committee on implementation issues; a resolution on farmers' rights; and procedures for the Third Party Beneficiary. They also adopted the work programme and budget for the biennium; agreed to the urgent need to finalize the outstanding financial rules at GB 4; and established an intersessional working group to finalize the procedures and operational mechanisms to promote compliance and address issues of non-compliance.


Plenary during the closure of the meeting.
12:25 am: Governing Body stumbles at the finish line, on introductory text to the resolution on implementation of the funding strategy.

Moungi Médi, Cameroon

11:00 pm: Governing Body approves budget and work programme for the biennium; proceeds with adoption of the report.

Luca Spinello, Italy
Sugiono Moeljopawiro, Indonesia

10:08 pm: Italy announced its intention to include more than 22,000 Annex-I accessions in the MLS, and to host a high level roundtable on the Treaty, in Rome, in the near future. Governing Body thanks and accepts Indonesia's offer to host 
GB 4.

Gustavo Pacheco, Brazil, congratulated by Kent Nnadozie, ITPGR Secretariat.

9:55 pm: Governing Body agrees on the "urgent need" to finalize financial rules at GB 4 

Delegates from the European Regional Group in a huddle.

9:17 pm: Governing Body debates at length outstanding financial rules for the Governing Body: voluntary contributions in general or voluntary contributions based on an indicative scale.

8:10 pm: Budget committee adjourns its work; closing plenary reconvenes.

6:30 pm: Budget committee still in session - closing plenary expected to begin soon


L-R: The dais of the contact group on compliance co-chaired by Javad Mozafari, Iran, and René Lefeber, the Netherlands, with Dan Leskien, CGRFA Secretariat.


René Lefeber, the Netherlands, Co-Chair of the contact group on compliance, discussing text with Claire Hamilton (UK) and Cosima Hufler (Austria).
L-R: Delegates from the Asian Region: Pratibha Brahmi, India; Muhammad Boota Sarwar, Pakistan; and Chrisgel Ryan A. Cruz, Philippines.
L-R: Delegates from the Latin American and the Caribbean Group: Monica Martinez Menduiño, Ecuador; and Gustavo Pacheco, Brazil.
Contact group on compliance drafting text.

Gapusi R. Jean, Rwanda, speaking with June Blalock, US.
Delegates from Canada, Marco Valicenti and Brad Fraleigh.
Paola Franceschelli, ITPGR Secretariat

The dais of the contact group on implementation  of the multilateral system chaired by Leontino Rezende Taveira, Brazil (right)

Tashi Yangzome Dorji, Bhutan, wearing the Bhutan's traditional costume called the Kera. 
Álvaro Toledo, CGRFA Secretariat,  going over text with Astrid Eikeland, CGRFA Secretariat.
Francisco López, ITPGR Secretariat

L-R: Ali Al-Shurai, Yemen with Hanaiya El-Itriby, Egypt.

View of the contact group on budget in session.
L-R: The dais of the budget committee: Shakeel Bhatti, ITPGTR Secretary, and Co-Chairs Amir Khawaja, Pakistan, and François Pythoud, Switzerland.

L-R: The dais during the afternoon plenary with Daniele Manzella, FAO; Shakeel Bhatti, ITPGR Secretary; Governing Body Chair Modesto Fernández, Cuba; Richard Laing, ITPGR Secretariat; and Selim Louafi, ITPGR Secretariat.
Hedwig Wögerbauer, Austria, Chair of the credentials committee, presented her report to plenary.  Cosima Hufler, Austria, was elected Chair of ITPGR GB 4. 

Gustavo Pacheco, Brazil, was elected Bureau member for GRULAC.
Fiona Bartlett, Australia, was elected Bureau member for the Southwest Pacific.
Mohamed Kharrat, Tunisia, was elected bureau member  for Africa.

Marco Valicenti, Canada, was elected bureau for North America.
Javad Mozaferi, Iran, was elected bureau for the Near East.
Mohd Shukor Nordin, Malaysia, was elected bureau member for Asia.


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