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World Summit for Social Development
PrepCom for Copenhagen +5
New York, 3-14 April 2000
Click here for information on the informal consultations scheduled for May 2000

Highlights from Friday, 14 April

Chair Maquieira announces that informal negotiations will resume in May

During the closing Plenary, Chair Maquieira reported on the results of Working Group I and said that informal negotiations will take place between 17 and 23 May subject to the revision of UN calendar of meetings, additional informal consultations are to be held from 17 to 23 May. Consultations will depend on changing the dates of meeting already scheduled. He noted the Copenhagen +5 bureau held consultations with the Beijing +5 bureau to coordinate. He noted the drawing for the list of speakers would be on the afternoon of May 16. Delegates left the PrepCom with a Proposed Outcome text submitted by the PrepCom Chair, which includes working drafts of the political declaration, overall review and appraisal, and further initiatives.

Click here to listen to ENB interviews with PrepCom Chair Christian Maquieira, VIce-Chair Koor Richelle, and Julian Disney, President, International Council on Social Welfare

Commitment 1: creating an economic, political, social, cultural and legal environment that will enable people to achieve social development
Commitment 2: eradicating poverty

Commitment 3: full employment
Commitment 4: social integration through fostering stable, safe and just societies
Commitment 5: equality and equity between men and women
Commitment 6: education and health
Commitment 7: accelerated development in Africa and the Least Developed Countries
Commitment 8: structural adjustment programmes
Commitment 9: resource allocation
Commitment 10: international, regional and subregional cooperation




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Closing Plenary
Gloria Kan and John Langmore, Division for Social Policy and Development, Vice-Chair Richelle, Chair Maquieira, and Kate Newell, Secretariat
PrepCom Chair Christian Maquieira (Chile) reported on progress made in Working Group I, which dealt with Commitments 1,7,8,9, "the year of the French Revolution." He said the Group was able to "guillotine" a number of paragraphs. He said these commitments were the most complex in terms of political requirements and technical demands they place on delegations and exhibit the clearest expression of the overlapping of economic and social issues.

Vice-Chair and Working Group II Chair Koor Richelle (Netherlands) noted the good atmosphere in which negotiations took place, and reported that the Working Group completed a first reading of Commitments 2,3,4,5,6, and 10 and all or part of a second reading of 2,3,4, and 6. He said the more difficult issues are still pending and that more time is still needed. He said some issues were explicitly not discussed pending results of other meetings such as Commission on Human Rights and the South Summit, as information from the results of these meetings could help in formulating new action-oriented paragraphs. Photo: Gloria Kan, Chief, Intergovernmental Policy Branch, Division for Social Policy and Development, John Langmore, Director, Division for Social Policy and Development, and Chair Richelle

Sonia Elliot, Guyana, reported on informal consultations and progress made on paragraph 19 and 19 bis, on humanitarian assistance, and refugees and internally displaced persons, and those paragraphs related to the environment.
Auerlio Fernandez, Spain, reported on paragraphs on reported on 38, on improving the quality of work and level of employment, 39, on a multilateral initiative to better understand the social dimension of globalization, and 64, on preventing illegal trafficking and transport of migrants and trafficking in persons, particularly women and children.
Luis Carranza, Guatemala, reported on paragraph 9, on unilateral measures. He said the group had an healthy exchange of ideas but reached no agreement

During its final session, Working Group I finished a first read through of Commitment 7, on accelerated development in Africa and in the Least Developed Countries

The Portuguese delegation, for the EU. Ambassador Gonçalo Santa Clara Gomes (center) proposed EU text on according priority to the Least Developed Countries committed to poverty reduction and economic and social reform

Algeria, Bangladesh and Nigeria raise their flags to oppose an EU reference to Least Developed Countries committed to poverty reduction and economic and social reform, stating all countries are committed and a specific reference would imply that some are not.

Algeria and Bangladesh (left) and Nigeria and Namibia (right) consult the text on the overhead projector. On Thursday, the G-77/China put forward its proposal for a World Solidarity Fund in order to contribute to the eradication of poverty and promote social development in the poorest regions of the world
The Algerian delegation in Working Group I

During its final session, Working Group II discussed Commitment 2, eradicating poverty through decisive national actions and international cooperation, and Commitment 4, on promoting social integration

The Dominican Republic (above left), Portugal, speaking for the EU (above right), and the US (right)

On ensuring appropriate and effective expenditure of resources for universal access to basic education and primary health care, within the country context, the EU called for language on additional targeting for groups with special needs. With amendments by, inter alia, Canada and the Holy See, delegates agreed to text on particular efforts to target the special needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. The US explained that education and health policy is often decided and implemented at the state level, thus the reference to particular country context.

RealAudio Interviews with PrepCom Chair Maquieira, Vice-Chair Richelle and ICSW President Julian Disney

PrepCom Chair Christian Maquieira speaks with ENB writer Nabiha Megateli (left) said there was less progress than expected, although progress was made on some difficult issues such as sanctions. He highlighted interesting proposals including the Canadian proposal for a currency transfer tax and the G-77/China proposal for a Fund for Least Developed Countries and Africa.

Chair Maquieira, pictured with ENB writer Gretchen Sidhu, also highlighted the difficulties in understanding the move from an international system to a global system..

ENB writer Nabiha Megateli speaks with Julian Disney, President, International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW)


Topics discussed with Julian Disney include the following (click on subject for RealAudio):
the importance of NGO work prior to the PrepCom to get proposals into the Chair's text (he regretted the document was not shorter and more focused)
the Anti-Poverty Pact
the Tobin Tax
NGO activities in Geneva
expertise input into the process, including the importance of combining practical expertise and knowledge of international processes.

PrepCom Vice-Chair and Working Group II Chair Koor Richelle speaks with Richard Campbell and Tonya Barnes. Chair Richelle stressed the importance of opening markets for developing countries, and highlighted the issues of trade, decent work, aid and a comprehensive development strategy. He called for a reorganization of the executive structure of UN and said the UN has to move from norm and value setting toward implementation.

ENB writer Richard Campbell familiarizes the Brazil with the ENB (left)


The Algerian Delegation, with Pakistan (second from left) and Chair Maquieira
Look! What's that up on the screen in Conference Room 2? I can't believe it!

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