Resilience Lab at COP26

Resilience Lab at COP 26: Shifting Mindsets, Shaping the Future

2–11 November 2021 | Glasgow, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Exploring eight pathways into a future of permanent resilience, the Lab took participants on a contemplative journey to challenge thinking, change mindsets, and imagine a better world.

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Resilience Frontiers

Humanity’s modus operandi over the past two centuries has led to planetary disorder. This disorder has been manifested by ongoing global symptoms, one after the other—from acid rain to climate change, from swine flu to COVID-19.

Resilience Frontiers is at the forefront of global foresight thinking on human sustainability and on expanding planetary boundaries towards regenerative prosperity. It is a two-year collective intelligence process (2019-2020), followed by an implementation decade (2021-2030). As per its vision, it approaches transformation in a holistic manner along eight pathways, taking account of the impact of frontier technologies and the totality of the factors that have led to the state of peril that continues to be faced by humanity.

The uniqueness of Resilience Frontiers lies in its strong interdisciplinary and multistakeholder partnerships. It spans partnerships from UN agencies, international NGOs, research institutes and youth networks.

Resilience Frontiers will be hosting the Resilience Lab at COP 26, from 2-11 November at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference. Exploring eight pathways into the future, the Lab will take us to a world which recognizes that climate change is a symptom of an ailment whose solution requires a change in our global outlook. At COP 26, Resilience Frontiers will focus on the theme “Shifting mindsets, shaping the future.” Join the journey to envision a global transition from our extractive hegemony towards a symbiotic oneness with nature and planetary wellbeing.

Resilience Lab at COP26

The Resilience Lab Pavilion will open on Tuesday, 2 November, and focus on shifting mindsets.

Resilience Lab Day 1 Programme of Events

On each succeeding day after the opening, one of the eight pathways will take the stage. By the end of COP 26, the Resilience Lab will have encompassed what we need for a resilient future for all and our path to getting there.

The eight pathways will be explored as follows:

Resilience Lab at COP26

Resilience Frontiers invites all to join the programme of events at the Lab if in person in Glasgow or to follow updates by email and through social media. The pavilion will be hosting experts and events covering an array of topics, all aligned with each of the eight pathways toward a resilient future: from indigenous mindsets and lessons in resiliency, to frontier technology and the future of food.

For more information about the Resilience Frontiers at COP 26, the programme of events and any updates, visit their website, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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