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Welcome to the home of Proceedings!

Proceedings is a new publication of IISD that fills a gap not met by our flagship publication, the Earth Negotiations Bulletin: solid, independent reporting on the many seminars, workshops, conferences and other meetings that fall outside the sphere of intergovernmental negotiations covered by the ENB

Volume 1 - UNEP Workshop on Drylands Management

The first issue of Proceedings was published at the end of 1993, from the "Listening to the Voices of the People: Lessons in Dry Land Management" held at UNEP. This will be available soon online.

Volume 2 - Feldafing Consultation

The most recent issue of Proceedings was published on 26 June 1996 from the Feldafing Expert Consultation on Implementing the Forest Principles - Promotion of National Forest and Land Use Programmes. (The WWW version of this report will be available soon.)

Our WWW page on this meeting includes photos and the full text version of the report by the Consultation to the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests

Volume 2 in PDF