Andres Carvajal


Andres Carvajal is a dedicated Audiovisual Anthropologist with a versatile background in photography direction, music studies, theater, dance, and academic research. He currently serves as a Videographer and Video Editor within the Earth Negotiation Bulletin team, covering events related to climate change, sustainability, and biodiversity.

His methodology focuses on conveying intricate social, cultural, and environmental global issues through a writing-like style composition of moving images, bringing a whole new level of storytelling to life. His expertise has been shared with undergraduates through teaching engagements at the University of Mainz, University of Canterbury, and University of Vienna.

He has led the visual direction and production of long-featured documentaries that explore cultural phenomena, with a particular focus on social anthropology, in diverse countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Colombia, Spain, France, and Germany. Presently, his work is centered on immersing himself in global ecological negotiations and treaties, enabling him to provide comprehensive reporting that enhances the visibility of critical issues for a broader audience.