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Open-Ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer
Twenty-second Meeting (OEWG-22)

Montreal, Canada | 23 - 25 July 2002



Highlights for Thursday,  25 July 2002


On Thursday, Co-Chair Milton Catelin convened the closing Plenary, delegates  considered the draft report of the meeting (UNEP/OzL.Pr/WG.1/22/L.1) facilitated by the Rapporteur Musset Laurence (France). Delegates adopted the report with minor amendments.

Japan and Mauritius announced their parliaments' ratification of the Montreal and Beijing Amendments on 25 July, and said that they will be submitting their instruments of ratification to the UN Secretary General in a few weeks. 

Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat thanked the delegates and staff for the successful conclusion of the meeting. Executive Secretary Gonzalez once again paid tribute to Nelson Sabogal for his valuable contribution and service to the Secretariat and and also to Michael Graber, Deputy Executive Secretary, who has acted as Executive Secretary for the past two years.

Co-Chair Catelin thanked delegates for their work and gaveled the meeting to a close at 4:30pm.

Earth Negotiations Bulletin interview with the recently appointed Executive Secretary Marco González

OEWG-22 marked the first meeting under the leadership of the new Executive Secretary Marco González. Executive Secretary González met with the OEWG-22 team to briefly discuss challenges facing the ozone regime and touched upon the following: 

Promoting synergies among ozone depletion and other environmental concerns such as climate change as a way to raise the visibility of the ozone regime and give new impetus to both developed and developing countries to meet their commitments;

The role of scientific research in identifying and establishing synergies between ozone depletion and biodiversity loss;

Tackling the issue of illegal trade in ozone depleting substances (ODS);

and Pressing environmental issues in his native Costa Rica.


OEWG-22 team, from left to right: Franz Dejon (Canada), Laura Ivers (US), Joanna Depledge (UK), and Michael Lisowski (Canada). 

Photo Snapshots from the meeting:




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