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12th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer
Ouagadougou; 11-14 December 2000

Thursday, 14 December, 2000

On the final day of MOP-12 delegates continued to present country statements, and MOP-12 Vice President Roberto Stadthagen-Vogl (left) gavelled into adoption the Ouagadougou Declaration. Closing remarks were heard from Fidèle Hien, Minister of the Environment and Water of Burkina Faso, and MOP-12 President Milton Catelin.
L to R: Nelson Sabogal, Roberto Stadthagen-Vogl, Michael Graber, Milton Catelin,  Theodore Kapiga, K.M. Sarma.

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In the morning, delegates delivered country statements. Norway called on he shipping industry -- a heavy user of ODS-based equipment -- to embrace the goals of the Montreal Protocol. 

Delegates approved the text of the report of the meeting as Rapporteur and MOP-12 Vice President Roberto Stadthagen-Vogl presented each paragraph for acceptance.
Burkina Faso presented the Ouagadougou Declaration during the closing Plenary, and delegates accepted the Declaration  with  acclamation.

Fidèle Hien, Minister of the Environment and Water of Burkino Faso, delivered a farewell address.  He thanked delegates for their hard work in completing the Ouagadougou Declaration, and the country of Burkina Faso for its hospitality in hosting the meeting.

MOP-12 President Milton Catelin thanked K.M. Sarma (right) for his continued service to the Ozone Secretariat.

At the meeting's end, the ENB team continued its work.

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