UN Food and Agriculture Organization Committee on Forestry – COFO

The Committee on Forestry (COFO) is the highest forestry statutory body under the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The biennial sessions of COFO bring together heads of forest services and other senior government officials to identify emerging policy and technical issues, to seek solutions and to advise the FAO and others on appropriate action. This is achieved through: periodic reviews of international forestry problems and appraisal of these problems. COFO also reviews the FAO forestry work programmes and their implementation, and provides advice to the FAO Director-General on future work programmes. COFO held its first session in 1972 and meets every two years at FAO headquarters in Rome.


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27th Session of the FAO Committee on Forestry

Heads of forest services and senior government officials will meet in Rome identify emerging forest policy and technical issues as well as solutions, advising the FAO and others on appropriate action to better manage the planet's forests.
Event 22 July 2024 - 26 July 2024

26th Session of the FAO Committee on Forestry

Participants at the 26th Session of the FAO Committee on Forestry highlighted evidence of recent progress in conserving or restoring forests, and the need for integrating agriculture and forestry, given that “forest restoration” is only one aspect of a more comprehensive “land restoration,” and that agroforestry and agroecology are a necessary part of the future, and growing in importance.
Event 3 October 2022 - 7 October 2022