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Forests Policy & Practice
Third Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe

Highlights for 31 January, 2013

On Thursday, 31 January, the Third Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Legally Binding Agreement (LBA) on Forests in Europe (INC-Forests3) opened with a report by Facilitator Ingwald Gschwandtl (Austria) on the results of the contact group on compliance, reading proposals that delegates addressed one-by-one. The EU, supported by Switzerland, proposed two additional paragraphs on a review mechanism for implementation reports. The contact group's proposed section on compliance remains in brackets side-by-side with the EU proposal for a compliance section.

INC-Forests3 began the third reading of the draft negotiating text, agreeing ad referendum on a number of paragraphs during the afternoon plenary in the chapters on objectives and principles, and portions of the chapter on general provisions.

The plenary held a preliminary discussion of the roadmap for the negotiation process, with Poland confirming its invitation to host INC-Forests4 from 10-14 June 2013 in Warsaw, and the Russian Federation offering to hold an intersessional meeting from 3-5 April in St. Petersburg. The EU requested that each of the four organizations considered to serve as the LBA secretariat — the European Forest Institute (EFI), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) — submit detailed information during the intersessional period on projected costs and services if they are selected.

In the evening, an informal group met to consider possible editorial changes in the draft negotiating text, bringing it in line with the legal language required of conventions.
Dais Huddle
Delegates conferred with the Chair, Secretary and members of the Secretariat before the afternoon plenary.
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Dais Shot

A view of the dais (L-R): David Mowat, Secretariat, Ewald Rametsteiner, Secretariat, INC Chair Jan Heino, Finland, and INC Secretary Malgorzata Buszko-Briggs

Jolyon Thomson
Jolyon Thomson, UK, speaking for the EU
Ingwald Gschwandtl
Ingwald Gschwandtl, Austria
Ewald Rametsteiner
Ewald Rametsteiner, Secretariat
Beate Berglund Ekeberg
Beate Berglund Ekeberg, Norway
Liubov Poliakova
Liubov Poliakova, Ukraine
Wendy Altobello
Wendy Altobello, Belgium, speaking for the EU
Kenan Kiliç
Kenan Kiliç, Turkey
Alexander Panfilov
Alexander Panfilov, Russian Federation
Sibylle Vermont
Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland
Nina Dobrzynska
Nina Dobrzynska, Poland
Jon Geir Petursson
Jon Geir Petursson, Iceland
Peter Csoka
Peter Csoka, FAO
Paola Deda
Paola Deda, UNECE
Risto Paivinen
Risto Paivinen, EFI
Ivonne Higuero
Ivonne Higuero, UNEP
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Around the INC
Beydağları mountains

A view of the Beydağları mountains, some snow-capped, across the gulf of Antalya on a sunny day

Mia Crawford and Taina Veltheim
Mia Crawford, Sweden, conferred with Taina Veltheim, Finland.
Knut Øistad and Risto Paivinen
Knut Øistad, Norway, conferred with Risto Paivinen, EFI.
The sun set behind the mountains across the gulf.
Happy Birthday Eugenia!
The IISD reporting team wished writer Maria Eugenia Recio a happy birthday.
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