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How to receive our publications electronically

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) publishes the information gathered by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin team in several electronic publications:

You can subscribe to all these publications for free at:



The Earth Negotiations Bulletin


The Earth Negotiations Bulletin is published in three formats:

  • the hard-copy version distributed at negotiations and mailed to our readers in more than 95 countries;

  • and an electronic edition that is "uploaded" to the international computer networks and instantly available to millions of users from thousands of different computer networks

  • a hypertext edition, which is posted into our own World Wide Web server, Linkages

The electronic version of the ENB is available online shortly after we close each issue and can be sent to your electronic mailbox or accessed free-of-charge. Here are the various ways to receive the electronic version of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

You can subscribe to ENB at:


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Linkages Website


Linkages website, located at, houses information on international environment and sustainable development policy activities, including those on:

  • The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD);

  • The Convention to Combat Desertification and Drought;

  • The Convention on Biological Diversity;

  • The Framework Convention on Climate Change;

  • The Stockholm, Rotterdam and Basel Conventions, the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety, and the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management;

  • The Fourth World Conference on Women;

  • The Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks Conference;

  • The World Summit for Social Development;

  • The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements;

  • The International Conference on Population and Development;

  • The sustainable development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS);

  • The international forest policy debate, including information on the meetings of the CSD Intergovernmental Panel on Forests.

In one Internet location you can find:

  • the most up-to-date information on international environmental and sustainable development news, outcomes of past meetings, a comprehensive list of upcoming meetings, and key publications;

  • archives of issues of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and Sustainable Developments; and

  • web coverage of meetings covered by IISD Reporting Services, including audio clips and color photos from the negotiations.

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Linkages Update


Our electronic publication, Linkages Update, is sent fortnightly to your e-mail box to update you on the newest additions to the Linkages website. Linkages Update is an html-enabled newsletter summarizing the latest developments in the international environment and sustainable development arena. Each article contains links to further information and contents encompass:

  • summaries of meetings covered by the ENB and other meetings related to international environment and sustainable development policy;

  • articles that demonstrate the inter-relationships between issues across negotiations and present a holistic and multi-dimensional analysis of environment and development issues;

  • up-to-date calendar of events and links to information on these activities;

  • information on convention and commission secretariats; and

  • précis of academic articles that provide a link between the academic community and the work of policymakers.

Archives of Linkages Update are available at:


To subscribe to Linkages Update, go to

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Your Meeting Bulletin


Your Meeting Bulletin (formerly called Sustainable Developments) is an additional reporting service from IISD that expands the services provided by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin to other meetings, such as conferences, workshops, symposia or regional meetings that would not be covered by the Bulletin. These initiatives are growing in scope and number and are providing increasingly important inputs into the policy-making process, and the outcomes of these important initiatives should be highlighted and made widely available to all interested parties.


Your Meeting Bulletin provides a timely, professional, high-quality reporting service for these meetings and disseminates the information extensively via the Internet. The daily and/or summary issues are sent out to the ENB e-mail distribution list, which reaches approximately 20,000 readers by electronic mail and through our Linkages website at


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Our e-mail address: You can always send e-mail directly to us at <> or to the Director of IISD Reporting Services, at <>. If you would like to make arrangements for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin to be electronically distributed within your organization, contact us for details. We always like to hear about ways that the ENB is being used and receive feedback from our readers around the world.