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September 2003

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South East Asia Forum on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation,
Market Mechanisms and Sustainable Development

Manila, Philippines | 10 - 12 September 2003


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The South East Asia Forum on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, Market Mechanisms and Sustainable Development took place from 10-12 September 2003, in Manila, the Philippines. The Forum was sponsored by more than a dozen intergovernmental organizations, government agencies, and multinational corporations, and was hosted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) chaired the Forum's organizing committee. Approximately 250 participants from 30 countries attended the meeting.

The aim of the Forum was to examine recent developments in climate change policy, the use of market mechanisms, and their contribution to sustainable development in the region. Participants met in eight plenary sessions to hear presentations and engage in discussions on: global climate change negotiations; opportunities in and priorities for countries hosting projects relating to climate change; the promotion of projects in support of sustainable development; the greenhouse gas (GHG) market; existing procurement and capacity development programmes for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); key considerations in project development; and project idea notes proposed by the local private sector.

The Forum is expected to support further development of the region's use of market mechanisms in achieving climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

More information on this meeting, including the agenda and list of organizers, is available from IETA's website at
Information on emissions trading and market mechanisms can be found on IETA's website at:
Information on both previous and upcoming meetings relating to climate change, including market mechanisms, can be found on the IISD Linkages website at:

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