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Lessons Learned in Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting on Implementation of IPF/IFF Proposals for Action

17-20 March 2003, Viterbo, Italy

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Wednesday, 19 March

Working groups continued their discussions in a morning session before meeting in Plenary to present their conclusions and recommendations.

Working Group I Chair Peter Csoka presented on his group's recommendations, noting the importance of integrating PFA implementation into NFPs, national biodiversity strategies and other forest-related plans and programmes.

Working Group II Chair Linda Mossop recommended that, in implementing and monitoring, assessing and reporting on PFAs, member countries consider a number of issues, including, inter alia: designing the implementation plan of the PFAs through the assistance of NGOs, special interest groups, certification bodies, local communities, and independent third parties.

Working Group III Rapporteur Mike Fullerton highlighted some of his group's conclusions, including that the structure of the UNFF sessions and the format of the reports should be in parallel; the UNFF should seek to broaden awareness of the benefits to countries of MAR; and that reports should focus on implementation and list actions, successes, priorities, and obstacles.

A final report integrating all three groups' recommendations will be considered in the Thursday's closing Plenary.

Taking a break from their work, delegates were invited to tour the ancient town of Viterbo in the afternoon, followed by a gala dinner hosted by the President of Viterbo Province.

Alaric Sample, Pinchot Institute Association

Federica Meneghetti, FODA, with Paolo Vicentini, Ministry of Agriculture, Italy

Jan McAlpine (left), US, with Linda Mossop, South Africa

Linda Mossop, Working Group II Chair, presents her group's recomendations to Plenary

Mike Fullerton, Working Group III Rappoteur, presents his group's recomendations to Plenary

Peter Csoka, Working Group I Chair, presents his group's recomendations to Plenary

Face of the fountain, University courtyard

The two Federicas: Federica Meneghetti (left), FODA, with Federica Signoretti, US Embassy, Rome

Michael Martin (center), FAO

Tom Griffiths, Forest Peoples Programme

Andrei Laletin, Friends of Siberian Forests

Robert Hendricks, United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service

Pote Chumsri (left), Thailand with Godfrey Payne, New Zealand

Public drinking water remains available. The restoration of the building has preserved as much of the original structure and ornamentation as possible

Participants in Working Group III

Inner courtyard. Parts of the University of Tuscia date back to the Middle Ages

Ongoing restoration

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