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Scoping for a Future Agreement on Forests
16-18 November 2005 | Berlin, Germany
November 2005
Summary report
21 November 2005

Highlights from Friday, 18 November 2005

Co-Chair Schwoerer closed the meeting at 12h23pm, Friday, 18 November.

In the closing Plenary, Judith Bahemuka, UNFF-6 Chair, said that poverty eradication and sustainable development are at the heart of SFM
Participants in Plenary discussion of the Co-Chairs' draft report
Participants reading the Co-Chair's draft report
Experts in a small group setting on Thursday
Experts Tasso Acevedo, Brazil, and Markku Aho, Finland, discussing informally after a working group
Opening of the meeting: Co-Chair Joseph Claude Abena (Cameroon), Co-Chair Mathias Schwoerer, German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Uschi Eid, Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, and Pekka Patosaari, Director of the UNFF Secretariat
Partipants during the opening Plenary
Richard Tarasofsky, Chatham House, and Lauren Flejzor, London School of Economics, presenting the background paper, "the potential role of a voluntary instrument on all types of forests"
Participants reading the discussion materials from a different working group during the information exchange among working groups
Markku Aho, Finland, and Andreas Obser, Postdam University, presented the background papers, "linking up discussion on financing with discusion on implementation" and "regionalization of the international forest policy dialogue: options for functions and structure," respectively
YMB Team at work
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