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3rd Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity
6-10 September, Trondheim, Norway

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Official Conference Page
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Photos and RealAudio, Friday, 10th September '99

On the fifth day of the Norway/UN Conference on the Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity, participants met to hear case studies on the use of biological resources, an overview of the conference's recommendations and conclusions, and closing statements.

Successes and failures: Case studies in the use of biological resources.

Rapporteurs for the morning session, Rita H. Daverdin and Ellen Arneberg.
The morning session was Chaired by Cecil Machena, Africa Resources Trust, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Berit Sannes, Norwegian Forest Owners Federation, presented a case study on the Living Forests sustainable forest management project in Norway.
Bernard Koto, WWF-Madagascar, spoke about a project employing a community-based approach to conservation in Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park.

Follow-up of the Conference.

Tor-Bjorn Larsson, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, talked about research priorities and needs for biodiversity within the European Union.
Conference chair Peter Schei, Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management, presented the conclusions and recommendations to participants.
Real AudioHilde Frafjord Johnsen, Norwegian Minister for International Cooperation and Human Rights, delivered the closing address.
An emaciated bronze wolf howls over the body of a young lamb in front of the Trondheim Art Museum.


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