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Sustainable developments

International Scientific Conference
"Biodiversity: Science and Governance"

24-28 January 2005 | Paris, France
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Friday, 28 January

On Friday, participants to the International Conference "Biodiversity: Science and Governance" convened in Plenary to hear reports on the workshops' discussions, adopt the Paris Declaration on Biodiversity, and hear closing statements. Bernard Bachelier, French Ministry Delegate for Research, closed the Conference at 12:40 pm.

Pierre Valette, Director of the Environment, Research DG, European Commission spoke at the closing session

Xavier Darcos, French Minister Delegate for Cooperation, Development and Francophonie, stressed France's commitment to increase funding for scientific communities Elliot Morley, British Minister for Environment and Agri-Environment, stressed the need to recognize the goods and services provided by biodiversity, and their link to human livelihoods and well-being. He noted that business should realize that conservation and sustainable use make sense for economic reasons François d'Aubert, French Minister Delegate for Research, called for: improved, interdisciplinary science; development of market instruments and indicators; voluntary corporate involvement; capacity building, especially in developing countries; and international solidarity. He pledged France's commitment to achieving the 2010 target through intensified international cooperation
Michel Loreau, Chair of the Conference Scientific Committee, presented the final version of the Paris declaration on Biodiversity Martha Chouchena-Rojas, IUCN, presented the conclusions of the workshops on governance, appropriation regimes and management systems, and environmental education and communication Charles Rabotoarison, Minister for the Environment, Water and Forests of Madagascar, proposed developing an international initiative for a better understanding of biodiversity conservation
Carlos Rodriguez Echandi, Minister of the Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, said economic concerns are driving the development of public policies and suggested establishing a mechanism that would put a dollar value on biodiversity to encourage decision makers to prioritize biodiversity conservation Éric Cornut, President of Novartis-France, cited the partnership between the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and IUCN as a pragmatic approach of bringing together the business sector with the biodiversity community Recalling that UNESCO is the only scientific agency of UN, Walter Erdelen, UNESCO, stressed the importance for UNESCO to consider the outcomes and to participate in the follow-up of the Conference on science and governance of biodiversity

Laurence Tubniana, Director of the IDDRI
Bernard Bachelier, French Ministry of Research, said the Conference had been characterized by fruitful discussions, and closed the Conference at 12:45 pm

Participants during the final day of the meeting

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