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Interlaken Workshop on
Decentralization in Forestry
Interlaken, Switzerland, 27- 30 April 2004


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Friday, 30 April

This morning at the Interlaken workshop, participants continued to develop the draft report in their working groups. In the afternoon, a plenary session was held to review the second version of the document. The workshop was closed at 4:40 pm after final addresses by conference organizers and sponsors.

The forestry workshop was held in Interlaken Switzerland.

- Working Groups-            

Group 1: The allocation of roles and responsibilities and coordination at different levels and across sectors.

Group 2: Maintaining ecosystem functions, sustaining forest productivity, and the appropriate application of knowledge and technology.

Group 3: Policy, regulatory frameworks and equitable benefit sharing.

Group 4: Financial incentives, promoting investment and private sector partnership.

Group 5: Participation, conflict and multi-stakeholder processes.

Group 6: Capacity building, technical and information support.


- Lunch -

Conference participants waiting for the closing plenary to begin after lunch today.


- Plenary meeting -

After lunch, conference participants met in Plenary to review the
second draft of the report and finalize recommendations.

(Above photo, left to right) panel members: Carol Colfer; Jagmohan Maini; Jürgen Blaser; Dedi M. Riyadi and Susan Braatz. The panel members are giving special applause to Carol Colfer for her hard work preparing the draft document during the previous night.





Above photos: conference participants discussing the recommendations for the draft report.


- Closing Plenary-

After 4 days of discussing, learning, sharing information and preparing a draft document for the UN Forum on Forests (1 to 14 May, 2004) in Geneva, workshop participants, organizers and sponsors ended their work on a positive note. All speakers praised the fruitful and stimulating discussions that took place, as well as the excellent work that the organizers had done, emphasizing the effective collaboration between Indonesia and Switzerland.

Listen to the closing speeches by:

Panel Members (left-right): Jagmohan Maini; Susan Braatz; Doris Capistrano, Franz Perrez; Jürgen Blaser; Dedi M. Riyadi and Christian Küchli.

Susan Braatz

Dedi M. Riyadi

Franz Perrez

Jürgen Blaser sounds the Gong for the last time during the workshop.

Workshop participants thank the organizers with a final applause.

- Miscellaneous photos-

David Kaimowitz being interviewed by a reporter from WREN media.

Achtung! Don't make any fires! A sign found on one of the many lovely hiking trails around Interlaken.


Tasso Rezende de Azevedo of the National Forest Programme of Brazil, gracing the magnificant conference ceiling


Susanna Kurzen , Intercooperation.

Christian Küchli, SAEFL.

Jean-Laurant Pfund, Intercooperation and organizing committee.


Alastair Sarre, International Tropical Timber Organiztion.

Earth Negotiations Bulleting Team: (left to right) Maria Gutierrez; Leslie Paas, and Alice Bisiaux


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