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DIREC 2010
Highlights for Friday, 29 October 2010

The Delhi International Conference on Renewable Energy concluded on Friday, 29 October 2010. A panel convened addressing key messages from each of the four tracks, including: technology and infrastructure; policy; finance; and renewables access and the Millennium Development Goals. A high level plenary followed with a speech by Thomas Friedman, New York Times, who emphasized renewable energy as the solution to climate change and many development challenges. The DIREC Declaration and the Delhi International Action Programme were presented and the conference concluded at 12:15pm.

(right)Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister, MNRE, India, accepting the DIREC Declaration from (left)
Mohamed El-Ashry
, REN21.
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
Ernesto Macías, Alliance for Rural Electrification, presented results of the off-grid supporting policies panel from Thursday’s meetings in Track 2: Policy.
Eric Martinot, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) co-presented results of Thursday’s meetings in Track 2: Policy.
Eric Usher, UNEP, presented results of Track 3: Finance.
Ralph Sims, Centre for Energy Research, presented results of Thursday’s meetings in Track 1: Technology and Infrastructure.
Suresh Prabhu, Council for Energy, Environment and Water, India, presented results of Thursday’s meetings in Track 4: Renewables, Access and MDGs.

Thomas Friedman, NY Times, said that the world has become “hot, flat and crowded,” and that an innovation race was needed to discover a cleaner way to power the world.
Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister, MNRE, India.
Deepak Gupta, MNRE, India, said he hoped that the interest shown by the large number of students attending the meeting indicates promise for the future.
Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE, (left) said that the world does not have the luxury of choosing between environmental protection and economic growth...and that we have to be a champion for both. He then invited participants to the next IREC Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2012. Virginia Sonntag-O’Brien, REN21, (right) presented the results of the Delhi International Action Programme, announcing that that 30 pledges were made and that an award will be given at the next IREC for those who made the most progress towards their pledges.

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