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Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (Resumed)
Bonn, Germany; 16-27 July 2001

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Photo highlights from Friday, 27 July

Chile (left) and Jose Romero, Switzerland
The Bahamas intervenes during SBI (left) and Canada consults with Nigeria

Gambia and the Costa Rican delegation
Members of the Kiko Network (left)
Deputy Executive Secretary Tahar Hadj-Sadok and Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cutajar (left) and Cutajar speaks with delegates from Japan
The dias during the final SBSTA meeting

Applause for Yvo de Boer, the Netherlands (left) and SBI Chair John Ashe

Protesters on the final day
Mohammed Al-Sabban, Saudi Arabia (left) and Al-Sabban with Mohammad Barkindo, Nigeria

SBSTA Chair Harald Dovland and Mohammed Al-Sabban, Saudi Arabia

Bill Hare, Greenpeace, Jennifer Morgan, WWF, Nasim Haque, CAN South, and Yuri Onodera

Uruguay and an informal meeting of the Least Developed Countries
ENB team members and friends
Botswana says goodbye to members of the Secretariat
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