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Development and Climate Days Bulletin
Summary Report
Tuesday, 9 December 2008
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
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Development and Climate Days at UNFCCC COP 14

6-7 December 2008 | Poznań, Poland

December 6 | December 7

On Sunday 7 December 2008, four panel sessions were held on a variety of topics related to policymaking and adaptation. The first panel was devoted to bottom-up and adaptive policy design. The second panel discussed the importance of community-based adaptation, highlighting several case studies. The third panel focused on various dimensions of assessing adaptation effectiveness. The final session was a high-level panel on funding adaptation, with particular focus on the Adaptation Fund. Saleem Huq, IIED, closed the event at 5:45pm, highlighting progress made and inviting participants to a dinner reception at the Sheraton Hotel.

Policy Making in a Changing Climate
Organized by IISD

L-R: Sanjay Tomar, The Energy Resources Institute (TERI); John Drexhage, IISD; Anne Hammill, IISD; Maggie Opondo, University of Nairobi; Lars Naess, Institute of Development Studies.

Maggie Opondo, University of Nairobi.

John Drexhage, IISD.

Sanjay Tomar, The Energy Resources Institute (TERI).

Community-Based Adaptation
Organized by the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS)

L-R: Jian Liu, UNEP; Mazoe Gondwe, ActionAid, Malawi; Bubu Pateh Jallow, UNEP; Mozaharul Alam, BCAS; Martin Parry, Imperial College London; Richard Klein, SEI.

Mozaharul Alam, BCAS.

Jian Liu, UNEP.

Bubu Pateh Jallow, UNEP.

Adaptation Effectiveness
Organized by IIED

L-R: Angie Dazé, CARE International; Heather McGray, World Resources Institute; Bonizella Biagini, Global Environment Facility; Ian Burton, independent scholar and consultant; Martin Fischler, Intercooperation; Simon Anderson, IIED.

Angie Dazé, CARE International.

Simon Anderson, IIED.

Heather McGray, World Resources Institute.

High-Level Session on Funding Adaptation
Organized by IIED

L-R: Mohammad Reazuddin, Bangladesh; Bernarditas Muller, the Philippines; Amjad Abdulla, Maldives; Camilla Toulmin, IIED; Richard Muyungi, Tanzania; Yvan Biot, Department for International Development.

Camilla Toulmin, IIED.

Bernarditas Muller, the Philippines.

Richard Muyungi, Tanzania.

Around Development & Climate Days

Participants lined up at the microphone to respond to presentations.

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