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WWF parodies emissions trading

WWF ( held a staged event urging ministers to agree to limit emissions trading. WWF members wore masks with the faces of Yelstin, Clinton, Obuchi, Blair and Schroeder. Yelstin held emissions certificates which Japan and the US, who want unfettered trade, were trying to buy and EU leaders, who want to put limits on the amount traded, were trying to block them from buying emissions.

7blair_s.jpg (8394 bytes) Tony Blair tries to put a cap on emissions trading 7clintfull_s.jpg (8289 bytes) The US tries to buy emissions and has lots of money to offer 7wwfstage_s.jpg (8834 bytes) The stage of the WWF presentation 7clinmich_s.jpg (6487 bytes) Jennifer Morgan, WWF, unmasks herself after trying to buy hot air from Russia as Clinton 7wwf1_s.jpg (11900 bytes)Left: Emissions trading in full swing
(photo credit: WWF)

Roundtable on the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms

This major event was organised by the UNFCCC Secretariat to discuss flexibility mechanisms. A panel of twenty speakers outlined their views to a wide range of interested groups, including government ministers and representatives, business executives, and non-governmental organisations. This was followed by a short question and answer session.
7round_s.jpg (7207 bytes) Ministers, business CEOs and NGOs met in a UNFCCC roundtable discussion on the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms 7vargas_s.jpg (5229 bytes) Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology José Israel Vargas
7eisen1_s.jpg (7028 bytes)Right: Stuart Eizenstat, Undersecretary of State for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs, US Department of State

raworld.gif (1544 bytes) COP-4 President Maria Julia Alsogaray opens the meeting, and the speakers introduce themselves

raworld.gif (1544 bytes) John Stansfeld (Lloyd's Register) discusses certification and accreditation

raworld.gif (1544 bytes) Bjorn Stigson (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) talks about a variety of relevant issues, including the CDM and carbon sinks

Climate Change Interactive CD-rom game

British Petroleum is developing a CD-rom game about the challenges governments face in making decisions about climate change.

This meeting, arranged by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in collaboration with BP, involved a demonstration of the game to interested climate change experts and an invitation to provide feedback to help the development process. The pilot disc was created with guidance from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Stockholm Environment Institute, The Open University, and the UNFCCC Secretariat.
7cdrom_s.jpg (4990 bytes) Jane Measures, World Business Council for Sustainable Development 7cdrompres_s.jpg (2973 bytes)

raworld.gif (1544 bytes) BP's Jane Measures talks about the project

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Practical issues in financing the clean development mechanism

Environnement et Developpement Tiers-Monde (ENDA-TM,, and the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security presented a seminar convened by The New Initiative for a North-South Dialogue on Climate Change, a consortium of NGOs from both North and South. The seminar dealt with the challenges of securing financing for CDM activities.

Speakers included:
  • Lilia Abron (Peer Africa, Ltd.)

  • Tom Burns (Chevron Corporation)

  • David Hales (USAID)

  • Prodipto Ghosh (Asian Development Bank)

  • Matthew Mendes (Alternative Energy Development)

7hale_s.jpg (7908 bytes)Right: Irving Mitzer, Business Council for Sustainable Energy, David Hales, USAID, Prodipto Ghosh, Asian Development Bank and Lilia Abron, Peer Africa, Ltd

raworld.gif (1544 bytes) Meeting moderator Irving Mintzer (Business Council for Sustainable Energy) discusses the aims and outcomes of the seminar

Miscellaneous photos
7abrey_s.jpg (6723 bytes)Aubrey Meyers talks to members of the Japanese delegation

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