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Late-breaking news: Monday 9 Nov

Updates brought to you by the ENB team members throughout the day:

  • High level representatives of the EU and the US met at the weekend. The EU is concerned at the US position, or lack of it, on the issue of compliance. It is likely that the SBI will be invited to initiate further work on the issue.
  • A contact group on the adverse impacts of responses to climate change made slow progress Monday evening. The main area of contention concerns the preparation of a work plan for future action. Delegates are hopeful that they will agree text for a draft decision Tuesday.
  • In the contact group on non-Annex I communications Parties continue to discuss the question of evaluation. A draft text under consideration contains numerous brackets.

7topiran_s.jpg (5363 bytes) Mohammad Reza Salamat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iran, has a word with UNEP Executive Director Klaus Töpfer 7tv_s.jpg (5707 bytes) Brazilian delegates glance over the G-77/China position paper on flexible mechanisms as they watch the night session of the flexible mechanisms contact group on a closed circuit television outside the meeting room

7gregcuta2_s.jpg (4776 bytes) ENB writers Greg Picker (left) and Chad Carpenter (right) discuss the progress at COP-4 with UNFCCC Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cutajar 7cutchad_s.jpg (4929 bytes)

Climate Action Network sets out demands

The Climate Action Network, representing 281 citizens groups from all over the world, has released a comprehensive statement on behalf of its 10 million members. The statement voices concern at the slow progress of the COP-4 negotiations and calls on industrialized countries to make domestic emissions reductions their top priority. The statement urges ministers planning to participate in the COP to, inter alia:

  • Acknowledge that the emission reduction targets in the Kyoto Protocol are inadequate.

  • Create an ad hoc international legal and technical experts group on compliance.

  • Establish a set of prerequisites for each country before it is permitted to transfer or acquire parts of assigned amounts.

  • Avoid using the CDM as a substitute for domestic actions by Annex I countries to make the necessary deep reductions in their emissions.

  • Design the CDM to ensure that emission reductions in the host country are truly additional, by verification and by comparison with objectively and rigorously defined benchmarks or baselines, chosen to represent the high-performance end of current practice.

  • Ensure that the Protocol does not lead to the life extension of operating nuclear reactors or to the construction of new ones and ensure that nuclear projects under the CDM and/or JI are prohibited by a Decision of COP4.

  • Include international aviation emissions in Annex I Parties’ assigned amounts as a matter of priority.

  • By COP-5, agree on a methodology to calculate the full climate change impacts by all IFI development lending and guarantees.

  • Elaborate, at COP-4, mechanisms to promote, facilitate and finance the transfer of or access to environmentally sound technologies to developing countries, with a view to adopting a decision at COP-6.

7ucsint_s.jpg (4892 bytes) Peter Doran, ENB, interviewing Alden Meyer, Director, Government Affairs, Union of Concerned Scientists

raworld.gif (1544 bytes) Alden Meyer interview in RealAudio

US delegation Press Briefing

The US delegation discussed areas where they believe progress has been made. The US was represented at the briefing by:
  • Ambassador Mark Hambley, U.S. Special Representative to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and Special Negotiator on Climate Change;

  • Melinda Kimble, Acting Assistant Secretary of State, Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES);

  • Dirk Forrister, Chairman, White House Climate Change Task Force.

7ushakiuse_s.jpg (4573 bytes) Mark Hambley and Melinda Kimble at a US press conference held Monday evening

raworld.gif (1544 bytes) This RealAudio recording covers the first part of the briefing

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