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Late-breaking news bytes: Thur Nov. 5

Updates brought to you by the ENB team members throughout the day:

Informal approaches by Argentina to countries in the Latin Group and the G-77 are reported to be meeting with "encouraging" results. The COP-4 President, Maria Julia Alsogaray, Secretary of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development of Argentina, has also received indications of co-operation with informal consultations from all the Annex I countries.
European Union representatives have signaled that they will object to any attempt by the JUSSCANZ group to establish a market-based burden sharing arrangement, within the context of flexible mechanisms, cutting the EU out of the deal. The EU would object on the grounds that markets must operate on the basis of transparency.
The US has described some progress in informal discussions based on the position papers on flexible mechanisms circulated Wednesday. Common ground has been identified in the positions circulated by the EU, the ‘Umbrella Group’ and Mexico. Thursday was the day the "rubber met the road" according to a senior US negotiator

Contact Group on  Articles 4.8 and 4.9

4chair4.8_s.jpg (7581 bytes) Ambassador Bo Kjellén, Sweden, and Mohammad Reza Salamat, Iran, co-chairs of the contact group on the Implementation of UNFCCC Articles 4.8 and 4.9 4qatar_s.jpg (8478 bytes) Khalid Ganim and Masoud Al-Fayad, representatives for Qatar
4saudi4.8_s.jpg (7184 bytes) Daniel Reifsnyder, Director, Office of Global Change, US Department of State, and Mohamed Salem al Sabban, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia (on far right), meeting in the contact group on Articles 4.8 and 4.9
4euprconf_s.jpg (4657 bytes) Helmut Hojesky, President of the Council, and Jo Delbeke, Head of the EC delegation to COP-4, during a European Community press briefing. The EU said they would have expected the US to have taken more domestic measures to address climate change before the introduction of flexible mechanisms. 4usmelind_s.jpg (5306 bytes) Commenting on progress in the negotiations, Melinda Kimble, Acting Assistant Secretary of State, US Department of State, told journalists Thursday was the day the "rubber met the road"
4usprfo_s.jpg (5949 bytes) David Forrister, Executive Office of the President shows journalists a US position paper on climate change during a US delegation press briefing

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