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/linkagesjournal/ October 98:
Special climate edition
Expert Group meeting
on the CDM (UNIDO)
UNFCCC Secretariat

bullet Centro de Exposiciones del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, the site of the conference. bullet A worker contemplates the last minute preparations. in the main plenary hall
bullet Rolling out the carpets for the delegates. bullet Observers register early for the conference.
bulletGovernment delegates registering for the conference. bulletDon Pearlman, a key player in the negotiations, and other participants meet outside the conference center.
bulletLa Tierra Vive, an art installation organized by the environmental group Encuentros Ambientales, was constructed close to the conference center in order to protest continuing environmental destruction. (file size: 108K) bullet Argentinian youth play outside the Centro de Exposiciones as delegates prepare to assume responsibility for the health and welfare of future generations.
RA logo As the conference opens, young people from the host city of Buenos Aires share their views on climate change....

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