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Second meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC)
6-10 November 2006 | Geneva, Switzerland

ENB Summary

November 2006
Daily highlights:
Monday, 6 Nov - Tuesday, 7 Nov - Wednesday, 8 Nov - Thursday, 9 Nov - Friday, 10 Nov

POPRC-2 Highlights: Friday, 10 November 2006

On Friday, delegates at POPRC-2 finalized decisions on SCCPs and octaBDE. They also concluded their discussion on information requests and on the standard work plan for intersessional preparation of a draft risk profile and a draft management evaluation.

Further debate centered on gathering socioeconomic information under Annex F of the Convention, with delegates agreeing on a format for information requests.

Delegates also reached agreement on the issue of isomers, adopting a decision to be forwarded to COP-3. After extensive debate, they also adopted a decision on confidentiality agreements.

POPRC-2 ended in good spirit, with delegates expressing satisfaction with the conclusions reached on key operational issues and on the 10 chemicals under review. POPRC-2 Chair Reiner Arndt (Germany) closed the meeting at 5:30 pm.

POPRC-2 Secretariat and Chair Arndt thank delegates on a productive meeting
Bo Wahlström (Sweden) and José V. Tarazona (Spain) listening to the debate on isomers
Tomas Brima Rick Yormah (Sierra Leone) and Masaru Kitano (Japan) conferring on proceedings
Mario Yarto (Mexico) reviewed changes to draft decisions
Daily highlights:
Monday, 6 Nov - Tuesday, 7 Nov - Wednesday, 8 Nov - Thursday, 9 Nov - Friday, 10 Nov
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