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18 May 2009
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
Second International Conference on
Chemicals Management (ICCM2)

11-15 May 2009 | Geneva, Switzerland

A view of plenary during the closing session.
Daily highlights
Monday, 11 May - Tuesday, 12 May - Wednesday, 13 May - Thursday, 14 May - Friday, 15 May
Highlights for Friday, 15 May 2009

ICCM2 completes its work

ICCM2 convened for its final day in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday, 15 May 2009.

During the morning plenary, the high-level segment convened and participants heard statements by ministers and head of delegations.

During the afternoon delegates convened in plenary and considered outstanding issues. ICCM2 adopted resolutions including on, financial and technical resources for implementation, and an omnibus resolution on emerging issues.

President Eržen gavelled the meeting to a close at 6:50pm.
Sameera Al-Tuwaijri, IOMC, reported that 76 countries are currently benefitting from the SAICM Quick Start Programme (QSP).
Lawrence Lenayapa, Kenya, urged mobilization of financial resources to address the ongoing problem of e-waste.
Tetabo Nakara, Kiribati, supported expanding the QSP beyond enabling activities, to implementation activities.
Participants listening in to the discussion in plenary.
Daily highlights
Monday, 11 May - Tuesday, 12 May - Wednesday, 13 May - Thursday, 14 May - Friday, 15 May
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