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6th Meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies for Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) of the 
Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)

Montreal, Canada 12-16 March 2001


Previous days' multimedia coverage of  SBSSTA-6 
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ENB Summary

Highlights from Friday, 16 March 2001

During the closing Plenary, regional groups then presented their nominations for the SBSTTA Bureau. Delegates elected Dehui Wang (China), Grace N.W. Thitai (Kenya), Lily Rodriguez (Peru), Paula Warren (New Zealand) and Peter Straka (Slovakia). Raed Bani Hani (Jordan), Renato Rimoli (Dominican Republic), Anastasios Legakis (Greece) and Koffi Edinam Dantsey (Togo), and Jan Plesnick (Czech Republic) will remain in office as Bureau members. On the draft provisional agenda for SBSTTA-7, the Secretariat introduced UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/6/13. TOGO, on behalf of the African Group, proposed moving marine and coastal biodiversity from SBSTTA-9 to SBSTTA-7. After some discussion, delegates agreed that the SBSTTA Bureau would consider the issue as a substantive element for SBSTTA-8. Delegates adopted the dates and venue of SBSTTA-7, which are 12-16 November 2001, in Montreal. 

Above photo: Incoming and outgoing SBSTTA Bureaux of the CBD

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