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First Meeting of the Ad-Hoc Open-Ended Inter-Sessional Working Group on Article 8(j) And Related Provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Seville, Spain, 27 -  31 March 2000


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Wednesday, 29th March

Delegates met in Plenary to hear a presentation on the results of the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IFF) and reports of the Sub-Working Groups. Sub-Working Group I (SWG-I) discussed programme elements on participation, equitable benefit-sharing and legal elements. Sub-Working Group II (SWG-II) discussed programme elements on traditional cultural practices for conserva­tion and sustainable use, and monitoring. Discussions on programme elements referred to specific tasks for completion under the work programme.

Prior to the Plenary, Co-Chairs and Secretariat staff joined in a traditional ceremony and greeting with indigenous Elders


N.R. Gata, Director, Department of Research and Specialist Services, Zimbabwe discussed the fundamental differences between Western science and the bases of traditional knowledge, noting that traditional knowledge has stood the test of time and must be allowed to development in parallel with "modern" modes of thought.



Russell Jim, an Elder representing the Center for World Indigenous Studies, discussed the anthropocentric ignorance contained in the concept of land-use, the importance of sustainable development to cultural values and baseline conditions for cultural wellness.

WIPO offered its expertise and contacts with indigenous groups from its recent fact-finding mission on traditional knowledge.

Nilo Cayuqueo, Co-director, Abya Yala Fund highlighted a set of recommendations drafted by the the indigenous caucus. 

Seville: In 1401, the Almohad mosque was demolished and work on the world's third-largest cathedral begun. This edifice of Gothic architecture and religious fervor took over a century to complete. The picture, opposite, depicts all that remains of the former mosque, the La Giralda minaret.

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