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The Seventh Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention

25-29 October 2004, Geneva, Switzerland
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Friday, 29 October

On the final day of COP-7, delegates reviewed and adopted a number of draft decisions on, including: mechanism for promoting implementation and compliance; interim guidelines for implementation of decision V/32; illegal traffic; work on hazardous characteristics; ship dismantling; and technical guidelines on persistent organic pollutants.   

Decisions on the remaining issues were delayed pending the outcome of informal consultations within the Expanded Bureau and with the Chair of the Working Group, Jean-Louis Wallace (Canada) on financial matters. After the release of a draft decision on financial matters on Friday evening, delegates took a break to review the document before reconvening in a late night session to push through the outstanding issues, including: the Strategic Plan; the 2005-2006 work programme of the OEWG; BCRC framework agreements and business plans; implementation of decision III/1; and financial matters.    

Arcado Ntagazwa, Tanzania, chair of the high level segment, encouraged delegates to engage into interactive discussions

Abdul Mohsin Mahmood Al Mahmood, Bahrain, suggested organizing field trips in the context of regional seminars on the effective management of wastes

Taghi Ebadi, Iran, underscored the key role played by BCRCs in capacity building and technology transfer and called for industry’s involvement in the implementation of the Convention

Katsuro Kitagawa, Japan, stressed the importance of partnerships and reaffirmed its commitment to global solidarity and prevention of environmental pollution

Ioan Jelev, Romania, underlined the importance of partnerships both with other MEAs and with industry

André Aranha Corrêa do Lago, Brazil emphasized the importance of changing patterns of consumption

Henry Aryamanya-Mugisha, Uganda. Uganda said developed countries and manufacturers should take responsibility for the hazardous wastes they create

Marco Buletti, Switzerland, called the COP to send a clear political signal to support partnerships with industry

Ioan Jelev, Romania with Catherine Ganzleben, ENB

Rejoice Mabudafhasi, Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, South Africa
Luis Couyoupetrov with Andrea Repetti, Argentina
John Myslicki, Canada
Joachim Wuttke, Germany, (left) with Greg Rippon, Australia
Participants during the day

The signing of the Framework Agreements for the Basel Convention Regional Centers
Trinidad and Tobago


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