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Seventeenth Session of the FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO)

15-19 March 2005 | Rome, Italy

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Saturday, 19 March

On the final day of COFO17, the Committee heard from Patrick Durst, FAO, on the forest sector's contribution of to post-tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation (COFO 2005/9), and engaged in a short discussion on this issue.

The Committee then adopted the report of the session and scheduled the next COFO session for 12-16 March 2007 to be held at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The meeting was gaveled to a close at 12h10.

From left: José Antonio Prado, FAO, Wulf Killmann, FAO, Hosny El-Lakany, FAO, Co-Chair David Rhodes, Douglass Kneeland, FAO, Amb. Zohrab Malek, Armenia and Michael Martin, FAO

Co-Chair David Rhodes, New Zealand, lead discussion of final report

Frank Wolter, Luxembourg, for the EU approved the draft report

Patrick Durst, FAO, reviewed efforts in post-tsunami rehabilitation

Egypt congratulates Chair of the Drafting Committee

Norway  Supports approval of draft final report

Linda Mossop-Rousseau, South Africa, discusses draft report

Arturo Oliva Herrera, Honduras
José Antonio Prado, FAO
Wulf Killmann, FAO

Closure of the Session
Hosny El-Lakany, FAO (center), thanks participants for suggestion for strengthening post-tsuname rehabilitation efforts

Rome from the rooftop
seventh floor of the FAO building

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