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October 2001

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 Tuesday 23 October 2001: Photos

UNEP Executive Director, Klaus Töpfer.
Opening addresses.
Delegates from Mexico and Jamaica.
Juan Mayr, Colombia.
Delegates from Venezuela and Uruguay.

The World Summit on Sustainable Development

Regional Preparatory Process of Latin America and the Caribbean

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 23 - 24 October 2001

Summary Report | Our summary report is available online in: 

Wednesday 24 | The Regional Preparatory meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean opened yesterday in the RioCentro conference centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, with two main themes emerging from the fray with a view to the World Summit for Sustainable Development; regional coordination on a unified Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) platform, and financing for sustainable development.

UNEP Executive Director, Klaus Töpfer, joined Brazil President Cardoso in the opening addresses. Töpfer expressed his satisfaction with the sub-regional preparations for the meeting, as well as with the material produced for it and the involvement of civil society, young people, the business community and parliamentarians through their respective meetings. He stressed the need for cooperation with private business.

The Panel on Financing Sustainable Development continued meeting into the night. Michael Gucovsky, UNDP, stressed the inter-relationship between environmental, economic and social issues. He hoped the discussion would also provide input for the Financing for Development conference and underscored that financial resources no longer flow from governments, querying how they can be channeled toward equitable, sustainable development.

Klaus Töpfer stressed setting targets, but making the means of implementation flexible. He supported capacity-building and institution-building for enforcement and compliance; underscored integrated environmental technology; called for flexible, market-oriented instruments, with a social element added; and highlighted debt relief and debt-for-nature swaps at the international level. Noting that the LAC region is rich in global goods such as biodiversity, he stated that it should be compensated for, inter alia, carbon sequestration. He stressed that the Johannesburg Summit will focus on sustainable development, i.e. the interrelationship between environment and development.

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Alicia Barcena, Director of the Environment and Human Settlements Division, Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean
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Michael Gucovsky delivers a speech on behalf of Mark Malloch Brown, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme
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Ricardo Sanchez, Regional Director, United Nations Environment Program, Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean
805 k
Manuel Dengo speaks on behalf of Nitin Desai, United Nations Department for Economic & Social Affairs
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Ambassador Estrada opens by emphasising the need for globalisation to be inclusive, sustainable and equitable; suggesting that the idea of "sustainable globalisation" be included in the report.
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Minister Juan Mayr elaborates on the need to rethink positions and philosophies for the upcoming summit.
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Daniel Blanchard, ECLAC Executive Secretary, confers with Chair Celso Lafer
Pre-meeting consultations before the meeting opens.
Seated (left to right) Daniel Blanchard, Chair Cardoso, Secretary de la comison, CEPAL; and Ricardo Sanchez, UNEP Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean.


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