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 The World Summit on Sustainable Development
African Preparatory Meeting 

15 - 18 October 2001 Nairobi, Kenya

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Update for Thursday, 18 October 2001

Delegates met in Plenary in the morning and afternoon to review and discuss the draft of the WSSD African Ministerial Statement, discuss the way forward and plan of action, adopt the final documents and close the session. Left photo: Bird's eye view of the plenary


Final Summary


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Chair Walubita  (Zambia) opened the Plenary later than scheduled and apologized for the delay that was caused by recent events at the Nairobi UN complex. UNEP Executive Director Klaus Töpfer updated delegates on news of the potential anthrax threat at the UN Office. Left photo (L-R): The dias during the morning plenary included Klaus Töpfer, Chair Keli Walubita, and Sekou Toure
During the morning Plenary and first half of the afternoon Plenary, delegates considered the draft African Ministerial Statement. Many minor amendments were made, as well as a number of new proposals constituting substantive changes. In concluding discussion on this item, Chair Walubita said revised and translated text would be considered later in the afternoon when adopting the final documents. Left photo: Delegates reading the draft ministerial statement during the morning plenary

On the agenda item on strategic discussion, way forward and plan of action, there was limited deliberation, with Senegal (left) urging the involvement of youth, Burkina Faso requesting more information on this important topic and, with Tunisia, urging consideration of the next steps and the setting of a calendar.
Nigeria (right) shared his knowledge of the process, clarified the opportunities for input and explained the preparatory process meetings, stating that all regional statements will be considered at the January 2002 Preparatory Session in NY, where themes will be selected to frame the WSSD, after which time it will be difficult to add anything to the agenda.
Regarding the adoption of final documents, delegates considered the revised draft Ministerial Statement (K01281082 181001) paragraph by paragraph, with delegates particularly discussing the new subparagraphs proposed during the morning session. The main issues raised included: monitoring; affordable energy; industrialization and resources development; marine biodiversity; refugees and displaced populations; and IEG and UNEP.  The African Ministerial Statement was adopted as amended at 7:30 pm.
Delegates also considered the report of the Ministerial Segment (UNEP/(ROA)/WSSD/1/L.2). Regarding the presentation of reports of key preparatory meetings, Senegal proposed, and delegates adopted, a provision encouraging the organization of a forum for youth, and said Dakar, Senegal, would be an appropriate place to host such a forum, taking into account that Senegal has a Ministry of Youth and the Environment. Stating that it was still supportive of the Ministerial Statement, Libya said it should be noted that the Arabic version of the Statement was not available when this item was considered. The report was adopted. Left photo: Delegates from Benin and Mauritius raising their sign to signal their intention to intervene.
Chair Walubita (right) convened the Ceremony and invited Kenya's Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Stephen ole Ntutu, to make a statement.

Ole Ntutu (left) said Johannesburg must achieve: renewed commitment to the implementation of Agenda 21; a framework for combating poverty; a clear programme of action; clear commitments and targets; and a delivery mechanism for adequate resources and monitoring. He called for the strengthening of UNEP to enable it to undertake its mandate.
UNEP Executive Director Klaus Töpfer (right) expressed surprise at the turn of events following the suspected anthrax scare, which constrained his participation at Ministerial Segment, noted that there was still a great deal of work to be done before the WSSD, and expressed hope that the African output would attain high importance in the negotiations in other regions as the Continent must set the pace for all the other continents. In conclusion, he thanked all the participants, including the interpreters, Bureau and UNEP staff for their contribution toward the success of the meeting.

Modou Diagne Fada (right), Minister of Youth, Environment and Public Health of Senegal, gave the vote of thanks to host country Kenya, UNEP and its staff, the Expanded Joint Secretariat, interpreters and the partners from other sectors for the contributions made toward the success of the meeting, and called upon African governments to ensure the African people are massively represented in Johannesburg in 2002.

Closing the ceremony, Chair Walubita (center) also thanked all those who contributed to the success of the meeting, including the support demonstrated by delegates that enabled the Segment to reach a successful conclusion. He noted with pleasure that the African youth conference would be held in Dakar, Senegal, and thanked South Africa for providing the Segment with "a way to Johannesburg."   Left photo: the dias during the closing plenary included (L-R) Klaus Töpfer, Keli Walubita, and Beverly Miller

With a call for long live Africa, long live the New African Initiative, Chair Walubita called the Segment to a close at 8:36pm.

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